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Boss Snow Plow Parts


We can get any Boss snow plow or salter / spreader part you need even if the part number you are looking for is not listed below.

The inventory parts list below is not updated daily.  We place orders and sell parts throughout the season.  Even if you don’t see the part you are looking for below please call we can either order it in for you or we may have it in stock when you call.

Need help finding the Boss snow plow or spreader part you need?  Go to Boss’ Tech Support webpage.

Boss Inventory Parts
Part Number Description On Hand
MSC10182B 8’2″ Power-V XT Blade call
MSC10192B 9’2″ Power-V XT Blade call
MSC15005B Power-V Plow Box, SH2 W/Smartlock Cyl. call
STB03165 7’6″ Standard Duty Blade call
STB03167 8’0″ Super Duty Blade call
STB03236 9’0″ Super Duty Blade call
STB15020 Super Duty SH2, Plow Box call
STB09976 7’6″ Sport Duty Poly Blade call
STB10321 Sport Duty Plow Box call
MSC04679 Sport Duty Smart Hitch 2 Option Box call
TRP07800 8’0″ Trip Edge Super Duty Blade call
TRP07899 9’0″ Trip Edge Super Duty Blade call
TRP15060 Trip Edge Super Duty, SH2 Plow Box call
LTA09001 Chevy 1/2 Ton 07′ & Newer, Undercarriage call
LTA09201 Chevy 3/4 Ton, 11′ & Newer, Undercarriage call
LTA04770C Dodge 3/4 & 1 Ton 03′ & Newer, Undercarriage call
LTA09060B Ford F250/350/450 08′ & Newer, Undercarriage call
LTA09002 Chevy 1/2 Ton 07′ & Newer, SD Undercarriage call
LTA09164 Ford F150 09′ & Newer, SD Undercarriage call
LTA05670 Toyota Tundra 07′ & Newer, SD Undercarriage call
MSC04599 Light Adapter, Multi-fit, old style 13-pin call
MSC05665 Light Adapter, Toyota Tundra 07′ & Newer call
MSC09003 Light Adapter Chevy 07′ & Newer call
MSC09993 Light Adapter, Multi-fit call
MSC15100 Smart Touch 2 Handheld V-Blade (STD) call
STB15103 Smart Touch 2 Handheld Straight (STD) call
MSC12480 6’6″ V-Blade UTV Blade call
MSC12060 V-Blade UTV Plow Box (Smart Hitch 2 Optional) call
MSC12075 Smart Touch 2 Handheld V-Blade UTV call
LTA12520 Polaris Ranger 09′ & Newer, UTV Undercarriage call
LTA12640 John Deere Gator XUV 11′ & Newer, UTV Undercarriage call
MSC13171 Power/Ground Extension Kit, 90″, 4 Gauge call
BXP16508 BX8 – 8′ Box Plow call
TGS08000 Tailgate Spreader Assy. – 8 Cubic Feet / 2-Stage call
TGS16179 RT3 Attachment, 2-Stage, TGS call
TGS15505 Top Screen With Bag Splitter – TGS08000 call
BAL08859 Cutting Edge Half, Formed, DR, 8’2″, V RT3 call
BAL08861 Cutting Edge Half, Formed, DR, 9’2″, V RT3 call
BAR08858 Cutting Edge Half, Formed, PS, 8’2″, V RT3 call
BAR08860 Cutting Edge Half, Formed, PS, 9’2″, V RT3 call
BAX00034 Cutting Edge 1/2 Bolt, Set of 10 call
BAX00096 Cutting Edge 5/8 Bolt, Set of 10 call
HDW01744 Spade Bolt Set, 1/2″ (2) W/Nuts call
HDW11114 Fastener Kit, Headlight Mounting, SL2 call
HYD01563 Motor, Pump call
HYD01620 Fitting, 90 1/4″0″X1/4 Swivel call
HYD01633 Power Unit Solenoid Kit call
HYD01636 HPU Filler Cap call
HYD01637 Valve, Cartridge Lift & Angle call
HYD01638 Valve, Electric Coil call
HYD01639 Valve, Relief / V-Plow-2800 PSI call
HYD01640 Valve, Check call
HYD01684 Cable, Power / Ground 90″ Long call
HYD01688 Fluid, Hydraulic (Gallon) call
HYD01690 Cable, Power / Ground 36″ Long call
HYD01695 Hose, 1/4″ X 15-1/2″ HP (1/4M X 1/4M) call
HYD01704 Fluid, Hydraulic (Quart) call
HYD01810 Hose, 3/8″ X 34″ HP (3/8M X 1/4M) call
HYD07018 Fitting, 90 Degree Swivel, 3/8″MP X 3/8″FPS call
HYD07020 Hose, 1/4″ X 15″ HP (3/8″0″ X 1/4M) call
HYD07029 Valve, 3P/4W Angle call
HYD07030 Valve Coil call
HYD07042 Hose, 3/8″ X 42″ HP (3/8M X 1/4M) call
HYD07046 Fitting, 90 1/8M X 1/4F call
HYD07047 Valve Cartridge, Smart Hitch call
HYD07100 Valve, 3P/4W Angle call
HYD07108 Orifice, V, Angle, .50″ OD X .070″ ID call
HYD07120 Orifice Plug, .12″ ID-Lowering call
HYD08830 Cylinder, Angle STB RT3 call
HYD09731 Cylinder, Angle , 10″ X 1-1/2″SA, 06+ call
HYD09733 Cylinder, Angle, Smartlock 06+ call
HYD09922 Hose, 1/4 X 18, 3/8MOR X 1/4MP call
HYD12217 Motor, 12V, (Sport, 08+) call
MSC01509 Spring, Trip / Return call
MSC01565 Snow Deflector call
MSC01570 Plow Shoe Assy., Cast Iron call
MSC01870 Blade Guide (Set of 2) call
MSC03423 Dielectric Grease, 1 oz tube call
MSC03807 Spring Pin Kit, Kickstand RT3 call
MSC03809 Joystick Power V (Control Only) call
MSC04036 Paint, Black Spray call
MSC04098 Paint, Red Spray / 97′ & Newer plows call
MSC04251 Pin, Pivot RT3 Kit call
MSC04254 Bumper Stop Kit W/Hardware call
MSC04294 Relay, 12V call
MSC04581 Weather Plug & Cap Kit call
MSC04673 Wire, Jumper SH2 W/Diode White-Black Kit call
MSC04675 Pin Kit, Coupler Spring, RT3, SH2 call
MSC04676 Pin Kit, Coupler Spring Release Lever, SH2, RH call
MSC04677 Pin Kit, Coupler Spring Release Lever, SH2, LH call
MSC04687 Latch Kit, Coupler Tower, SH2 call
MSC04733 Turn Signal (Boss Lights) call
MSC04741 Headlight Bulb Hi Beam Halogen, Boss Light call
MSC04742 Headlight Bulb Lo Beam Halogen, Boss Light call
MSC04747 Switch, Rocker (Boss Light) call
MSC04753 Control Harness Repair Kit, Truck Side, 13-Pin call
MSC05056 Spade Bolt, 5/8-11 X 4″ W/Nut call
MSC05078 Fill Cap & Elbow Kit call
MSC05080 Spring Kit, .362″ OD X 2.5″ LG ST (Set of 2) call
MSC05081 Dust Cap Kit (Power/Ground) Vehicle & Plow call
MSC05674 Pin Kit, Lift Cylinder Clevis call
MSC07705 Spring, trip / Return, 17-5/8″ (Tap Ends) call
MSC08050 Relay Kit, Dual Burn call
MSC08993 Relay, Repair, Wiring Harness call
MSC09586 Pin Kit Pivot, RT3 Sport-Duty call
MSC09587 Pin Kit, Coupler Spring, Sport-Duty call
MSC09601 Smart Touch 2 V-Blade (Control Only) call
MSC09616 Control Pad, V-Blade, Smart Touch call
MSC09649 Pin Kit, Horizontal Hinge Threaded Pin, RT3 call
MSC11050 Pin, Center Vertical Hinge, RT3 call
MSC11106 Bulb, HIR2, Low Beam, Headlight, 08’+ call
MSC11107 Bulb, H9, High Beam, Headlight, 08’+ call
MSC11120 Headlight W/Turn, 08’+, DR call
MSC11130 Headlight W/Turn, 08’+, PS call
STB03002 Cutting Edge 7’6″ LG 1/2″ TK call
STB03003 Cutting Edge 8′ LG 1/2″ TK call
STB03220 Kickstand Leg, RT3 Straight Blade call
STB03242 Cutting Edge, 9′ LG 1/2″ TK call
STB09544 Cutting Edge, 7′, Sport Duty call
STB09597 Kickstand Leg, RT3 Sport-Duty call
STB09602 Smart Touch 2 STB Blade (Control Only) call
STB09617 Control Pad, Straight Blade, Smart Touch call
STB03072 Cutting Edge 8’6″ LG 1/2″ TK call
TRP07879 Pivot Pin Kit, Trip Edge Base Angle call
TRP07881 Spring Pin Kit, Trip Edge Kickstand call

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