State Inspection For July

Referbish Projects

Trailer 1: Before



This is what it looked like before we started, it is in the process of being sandblasted at the moment, more pictures to come after.

Trailer 2:



Trailer 2 is already patched and sandblasted now just waiting for some paint and it will be ready to be for sale :)!

Trailer 3 :



This trailer is all refurbished, I will be posting before pictures soon.

More pictures to come…

Do you have a trailer or dump body that has seen better days?? One that runs like bran new but the outside is just is not looking so new but you don’t want to spend the money to get a brand new one? Well we have the perfect suggestion for you! We restore/refurbish almost anything, just give us a call or send us an email! Below you will see some of the trailers that we are currently working on! That is just the beginning step/picture, so you guys can see what they look like before, middle and after. During the refurbish process if you wanted to add any sort of new latch systems, tie downs, ramps, side board anything you would like to add/change we can do that!