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Smith Metal Works Inventory Parts List Salter / Sander


We can get any Smith Salter / Spreader part you need even if the part number you are looking for is not listed below.

The inventory parts list below is updated as of the day listed below.  We place orders and sell parts throughout the season.  Even if you don’t see the part you are looking for below please call we can either order it in for you or we may have it in stock when you call.

Need help finding the Smith spreader part you are looking for?  Go to Smith’s parts manual page.

Smith Metal Works Inventory Parts
Part Number Part Description On Hand
100-6b Conveyor belt for 1-3/4 YD call
120-10 Return Wiper call
120-100 Variable Speed Control call
120-11 Chute call
120-12 Front Spinner Deflector call
120-13 Hinged Deflector call
120-14 Rear Bracket Support call
120-15 Gear Box Mount call
120-21 Bearing Bracket call
120-24 Conveyor Shaft call
120-24A Drive Shaft call
120-24B Idler Shaft call
120-25 Spinner Shaft – 28″ call
120-25XL Spinner Shaft – Extended 40″ call
120-26 Spinner 14″ Urethate Spinner call
120-26A Spinner Hub Assembly call
120-26B Spinner Bolts call
120-27A Sprocket 14T (5/8 bore) call
120-27C Gasoline Motor Pulley 2″ Diameter call
120-28A Sprocket 48T call
120-28C-2 10″ Pulley call
120-29A Sprocket 16T (1″ bore) call
120-2A-1 Gear Box Seal call
120-2B Gearbox (Canimex) call
120-2B-16 Vent call
120-3 Motor Mount call
120-30 Top Screen 1-3/4 YD call
120-30A Top Screen 1 YD call
120-31A Sprocket 24T (1″ bore) call
120-32A Spinner Chain (Electric) 64P call
120-32C V-Belt call
120-33A Gear Box Chain (Electric) 74P call
120-34 Motor Cover 1-3/4 YD call
120-35 Rear Chain Cover call
120-39 6″ Ratchet Strap (4 per set) call
120-39A Install Kit W/ Harness call
120-39AU Install Kit W/ Harness Used call
120-4 Snubbing Roll call
120-40-1U Bearing Plate Assy. Used call
120-40-3 Chute Extension call
120-48 1-1/4 YD Sideboard Top Extension call
120-5 1″ Pillow Block Bearing call
120-6A Plastic Slider Bed 8′ call
120-6B Plastic Slider Bed 6′ call
120-78 6′ Molded Wire Connector call
120-79 25′ Molded Wire Connector call
120-7A Conveyor Drag Chain 1-3/4 YD call
120-9 Hopper Flapper call
120-96A 662 Chain Repair Link call
120-96A-1 Pin for Repair Link 662 Chain call
140-100 Variable Speed Control call
140-11 Flip Chute Std, Housing Only call
140-11E 12″ Spinner & Chute Assy. call
140-14E Rear Support Bracket (Electric) call
140-1A Electric Motor, 1/2 HP call
140-1B Electric Spinner Motor, SS call
140-1B-1B Boot, Motor Terminal Black call
140-1B-1R Boot, Motor Terminal Red call
140-1C Gearbox Motor Assy. call
140-22 3 Piece Flex Coupling call
140-25 Spinner Shaft – 12″ call
140-25XL Spinner Shaft – Extended call
140-26 Spinner, Stainless Steel call
140-3 Electric / Gas Motor Mount call
140-39A Install Kit Series IV call
140-40 Extended Flip Chute – 24″ call
140-40E 24″ Spinner & Chute Assy. call
140-5 Bearing, 1″ 2-Bolt Flange call
140-78 6′ Cable (Spinner Motor) 8 Gauge call
140-79 25′ Cable (Spinner Truck End) 8 Gauge call
150-11E 12″ Chute Assy. (Complete) call
150-2 Idler Shaft call
150-26 Auger call
150-5 3/4″ 2 Bolt Flange Bearing call
160-14 Rear Support Bracket call
160-15 1-3/4 YD Salter Motor Mount call
160-2 Gear Box 1-1/8″ Output Shaft call
160-24A Drive Shaft With 8 Tooth Sprocket call
160-28A Gearbox Sprocket, 1-1/8″ Bore call
160-29A #50 Drive Shaft Sprocket call
160-33A Roller Chain #50 – 55P call
160-34 Drive Chain Guard call
160-T Idler Tension Assy. call
300-31 Spinner Shaft call
300-65 20″ Urethane Spinner call
300-66B 1-3/4″ 4 Bolt Flange Bearing call
300-67A-32 Coupling call
300-69 Spinner Bearing, 1-1/4 call
310-9 Conveyor Chain – 10′ call
500-1A Auger Motor for UT Spreader call
500-1B Spinner Motor Medium Duty call
500-200 Dual Speed Control, Conveyor call
500-200-MOUNT Mount for Control call
500-22 3 Piece Flex Coupling 5/8 call
500-25 24″ Spinner Shaft call
500-27A 10 Tooth Sprocket call
500-3 Rear Motor Mount call
500-40 Chute Housing call
700-11E Spinner Assy. Complete call
700-27 Truck Mounting Hinge call
701-10 Drive Shaft With Bushing call
701-28 15 Tooth Sprocket, 1″ Bore call
701-29 12 Tooth Sprocket call
701-33 Roller Chain call
952-154 SouthCo Latch call
99-60AMP 60 Amp Breaker call
99-B98596 90 Amp Solenoid, Includes Nut call
DB1008 Pin, Tailgate call

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