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Blizzard Snow Plow Parts


We can get any Blizzard Snow Plow or Spreader part you need even if the part number you are looking for is not listed below.

The inventory parts list below is updated as of the day listed below.  We place orders and sell parts throughout the season.  Even if you don’t see the part you are looking for below please call we can either order it in for you or we may have it in stock when you call.

Need help finding the Blizzard snow plow or spreader part you need?  Go to Blizzard’s Tech Support webpage.


Blizzard Snow Plow Parts In Stock 1/27/2017 
Part Number Part Description On Hand
26357 Light Harness call
28213 Harness Plow Kit Lighting h13 call
28594 Cutting Edge Kit 7’5″ call
29047 Plug in Harness Kit call
29499 Harness Plug In call
30043 Undercarriage call
30269 Mount Kit UC call
32167 Undercarriage call
35139 Mount Kit UC call
40070 1 X 4 – 21/32″ Draw Latch Mount call
40110 Pin Draw 1 X 6 1/2″ call
40119 Cover Hyd Pump & Manifold call
40318 Draw Latch Pin call
40458 Pin Clevis 1 X 6 1/2″ call
40496 Clevis Pin 3/4 X 4 3/8″ call
40517-1 Receiver Hardware Kit call
40568 Hose call
40660 Spring Extension call
40696 Cutting Edge Kit 8′ call
40988 Cable Assy. W/ Hardware call
41104 Draw Latch Hook call
41129-1 Hitch Pin Kit call
43103 Hardware Kit For B32240 call
49071 Shoe, Blizzard call
60003 Fitting, 7/16 20X9/16 18MA call
60006 Elbow, 9/16-18, 90 Swivel call
60007 Fitting Male Connector call
60052 Hex Nut 1/2-20 Jam call
60065 Cylinder, Angle 1 3/4 Rod X 9 3/8 call
60166 Spool Valve, Three Way 2-Position call
60277 Cylinder, Angle 680LT call
60278 Valve, Relief 1700 PSI call
60294 Hose (Port 1), 1/4 X 15″ Angle call
60295 Hose (PORT 4), 1/4 X 18, Raise call
61017 3/8″ – 16Z Wing Nut call
61127 Velcro Strip, With 2″ Metal call
61217 Rubber Grommet 1 1/2 X 2 1/8 call
61261 Joystick Door Mount Bracket call
61427 Cap, Black Vinyl call
61430 Kit, Hardware, Moldboard call
62011 Light Adapter Kit call
62012 Light Adapter Kit call
62015 Light Adapter Kit call
62022 SPDT Switch, Plow Raise/Lower call
62051 Light Adapter Kit call
62052 Light Adapter Kit call
62066 Rocker Switch, Wing Extend call
62109 810 Joystick Control call
62138 Plow / Headlight Toggle Switch call
62141 Touch Pad Control Station call
62142 Touch Pad, Straight Blade call
62149 Wire Harness Assy., Vehicle call
62212 Main Lighting Harness call
62235 Kit Harness Lighting call
63100 Decal 810 & 8611, Hydraulic Valve call
66515 Seal Pump Shaft call
680UTV 680 LT (UTV) Blade call
7600LT 7600LT Blade Assy call
800HD 800HD Snow Plow, Powerhitch call
82095 Pin, Draw Latch Mount call
91192 Flatwasher, Special call
91340 Lock Nut 1-8 Topring call
95739 Clevis Pin 3/4 X 5 call
96555 BD Mux Joystick Control call
B29049 Harness Plug in Kit H13 call
B30014 VCM, 720 call
B39032 Light Tower, HD (760, 800) call
B40004 Pump Mount Hinge Weldment call
B40042 Pivot Pin 3/4 X 2 1/2 call
B40074 Inner Draw Latch Plate call
B40079 Pin A Frame call
B40088 Bushings, A-Frame call
B40093 Bushing, 1 1/4 OD X 1 1/2 call
B40114 Draw Latch Arm Weldment call
B50057 Slidebox Weldment, DS call
B51042 Wing Weldment, DS call
B51043 Wing Weldment, PS call
B51069 Cutting Edge, Wing DS 3/8, 8611 call
B51070 Cutting Edge, Wing PS 3/8, 8611 call
B52067 Cutting Edge Kit, 89″X6″X1/2″ call
B52087 Rubber Snow deflector Kit call
B60029 Cylinder, Plow Angle call
B60046 Hyd Pump Resevoir Cap call
B60133 Hydraulic Pressure Test Gauge call
B60170 Spool Valve, Three Way 2-Position call
B60207 Cylinder, Slide Box/Wing Ext. call
B60225 Valve, Check, 50 PSI call
B60237 Cylinder, Lift, 8611 call
B60273 Hose W/Plugs 3/8 X 17″ call
B60283 Motor, 12 VDC Hydraulic Pump call
B60293 Hose W/Plugs 1/4 X 10″ call
B60296 Hose 1/4 X 20″ (Port 2) call
B60346 Breather call
B60347 Cylinder, Slide Box Extend/Retract call
B60360 Seal Kit, For Cylinder 60029/60065 call
B60366 Seal Kit, For Cylinder 60221/60234 call
B60432 Hose W/Plugs 1/4 X 13.5″ call
B60434 Motor, Hydraulic with Pump Power call
B60437 Filter For Hydraulic Pump ASSY. call
B60475 Valve, N.C., 2-Way call
B61000 Spring, Compression SS call
B61099 Spring-Blade Trip call
B61187 Trip Spring Spade Bolt call
B61196 Bolt Carriage 1/2-13 X 1 1/2, G-8 call
B61203 Flat Washer Hardened 1″ call
B61288 Cutting Edge, HD 810 Wing call
B61309 Ring Split call
B61330 Bolt, 1″ X 9″ G-8 call
B61365 Nut, 1/2-13 Flanged Lock call
B61426 Pin, Hitch call
B61458 Cutting Edge, 1/4″ X 6’8″ W/Hardware call
B61532 Cutting Edge, Kit, 860 call
B61628 Knob, Clamping 3/8-16 call
B61648 Cutting Edge, 1/2″ X 6’8″ W/hardware call
B61650 Cutting Edge, 860 SW Wings call
B61681 Pin, Slide Box Stop 1″ X 4 1/8″ call
B62032 Harness (W/6-pin) Snowplow Headlight call
B62038 Toggle Switch DPDT call
B62050 Headlight Adapter call
B62058 Plow Headlight Assy, Kit call
B62108 Lighting Harness, Repair Kit call
B62114 Coil, PDL, 10V DC call
B62115 Coil, DDL 10V DC call
B62150 Wire Harness, Vehicle Side call
B62165 Harness, Vehicle Side, Repair call
B62176 Coil, PDL 12V DC call
B62178 Solenoid/Relay, HD Motor call
B62220 Headlight Conversion Harness call
B62223 Headlight Conversion Harness call
B62224 Headlight Conversion Harness call
B63070 Blizzard High Performance Oil, QT call
B63072 Blizzard High Performance Oil, Gal call
B63074 Emergency Parts Kit call
B63163 Blizzard Main Decal call
P3035 Motor, 12VDC-Low Profile call

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